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Remember that asbestos is not dangerous as long as its fibres don't get to the air, therefore the removal of the eternit, and other asbestos cement-roofing materials, should be done only by specialised professionals, who apply safe technologies, and do not put men or environment at risk during the job. Asbestos waste must also be safely stored inasmuch as a dangerous material.


MULTIPOL co-operates with the best companies and asbestos waste disposal sites in Poland, and can offer you the most reasonable price of dismantling and removal services, which will be done professionally and in line with the respective legal regulations.

  • Dismantling construction elements;
  • Stock-taking and risk assessment;
  • Conservation and waterproofing;
  • Transport and recycling.

We apply modern technologies and safety measures to prevent the danger of asbestos fibres getting into the air.

The works are monitored and air dust samples are chcecked by an independent lab.

We use our own specialised equipment with all certificates concerning asbestos removal.

We are taking full responsibility for recycling of the dangerous waste.

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Oils, fats and waxes must be removed very thoroughly due to their very low surface tension, which restrains the adhesion of all material containing water. Moreover, some oils have capillary ascent tendencies, which in time leads to the ascent of the oil under the carrying layer of the floor and the consequent delamination or ply separation. Therefore is a floor is to be laid on an old and oily foundation it is necessary to check the depth of migration of the oily substances into its structure.

The services offered by the Multipol Company also include the preparation of foundations to lay chemically hardenable resin floors.

We've got the know-how needed to effectively degrease surfaces, by removing all petroleum and oil-like substances and loose concrete particles.

We select technologies that match the best the type of stain. We apply abrasive water jet, high pressure water as well as ecological agents where they are required by proper regulations.

Thanks to the specialised equipment for mechanical processing this technology can also be applied where there are very thick layers of oily sand. The waste from this type of cleansing is then recycled.

All tasks are performed with the use of high quality equipment and top brand materials, of staff is well trained and possesses all required licenses.

The advantage we offer is:

  • Clan and oily stain free floors;
  • compact and dry surfaces ready to lay floors;
  • profitable alternative to hammering down old floors and casting new ones.

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» Public Utility Buildings

Pollution caused by carbon dioxide and urban or industrial fumes have negative impact on public buildings, which are usually located near communication arteries.

Car show rooms, construction co-operatives, retail chains, oil companies, hotels, train stations are some of our regular customers.

  • Complex cleaning of petrol stations.
  • Cleaning of construction elements in big buildings,
  • Cleaning of roofing,
  • Cleaning outdoor advertisements,
  • We effectively remove oil stains from the surface of car pars and garages.
  • Waterproofing concrete and paving blocks
  • cleaning and painting metal constructions


Fire, flood, failure or break-down, accident, hurricane, natural and environmental disasters - all this can happen at any moments, any place in the world.

Whichever this is one can be sure: property gets lost and damaged - Multipol's job is to minimise damages and stop losses. We are able to start our job as soon as rescue teams finish theirs.

The actions undertaken on the site of a disaster are aimed at safeguarding the place, reducing the damages, restoring the state from before the disaster whether it's a flooded building after a fire, oil contaminated sideway trench or burnt down works warehouse.

We've got technical background, equipment, means and know how to intervene in cases such as:

  • removing the effects of a fire - soot, extinguisher water, other chemical substances left by the fire, neutralising the smell,
  • demolition and removing debris - tidying up the premises,
  • removing the effects of a flood - drying buildings, removing dump and fungus, localising the source of the flood,
  • removing the effects of an environmental disaster - contamination of land and water,
  • Complex repair of equipment - cleaning and repairing machines after floods and fires;
  • Stock-taking - drawing up inventory of buildings and equipment, assessment and analysis of risk.

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Thanks to co-operation with environmental scientists we are able to offer the best quality surveys and analyses.


  • assessment of air pollution, noise level,
  • assessment of soil and water contamination,
  • drawing up programmes of waste management for local governments and private companies,
  • calculations - regarding payment for using natural environment.

» Recultivation

Recultivation means actions aimed at restoring the soil fertility to devastated grounds. Soil can be deprived of its natural value by wrong cultivation of plants or industrial operations. The most frequent cause of soil contamination is infiltration of hydrocarbons.


The Multipol Company offers the following services:

  • recultivation ex-situ by a method of complete outdrawing,
  • recultivation of former train track areas,
  • liquidation of petrol stations and industrial areas,

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